Peter Angwin 2018

Chris and Cameron,

Thank you both for the great service and excellent installation of the ‘front lawn’ to our property. Following on from a home show in Melbourne we contacted you and got a quote from you in May 2008. From there it was us who had to make the decision – do we spend big dollars on ‘false grass’ or – do we try and grow a lawn in a Stage 4 Water restrictions area? Our decision was made when we considered – no watering was required and – the latest materials, and great preparation, were used in the laying of the ‘turf’. – all calls were taken with a smile and any follow necessary was prompt. Watching you develop the area, in preparation for laying of the turf, board up the area, then lay the turf and cover it with a lot of sand throughout has certainly been an eye opener. Then there was the preparation of the surrounding garden beds, allowing us to install a range of ‘drought-proof’ plants. Any time you are passing please feel free to inspect and say hello. Thanks again.