Synthetic grass the ideal option for Geelong swimming pool owners

The team at Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns recently installed our high quality artificial grass for a Geelong pool area, adding class, style and practicality to the space. When it comes to choosing a surface covering for your pool area, you need something that is going to wow visitors as well as complement the other elements in your backyard.

After all, your swimming pool should be the highlight of your backyard , so why would you surround it in concrete or traditional grass and have to contend with grass clippings  in your pool, chemical burns to the grass or annoying mud patches.

When you invest in our artificial grass you know that the condition that you purchase it in is going to be the same way it stays for years to come. When it comes to longevity or turf is unparalleled. Which is exactly what a home owner needs in such a high traffic area. Just imagine how much traffic your pool area gets in a year, which is exactly why natural grass fades and dirt patches develop in its place.

Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns’ cool turf adds contrast and a far more aesthetically pleasing appearance than the alternatives, without all of the obvious downsides. In fact, there’s only upsides when it comes to using our artificial grass around your Geelong pool area. There’s is the obvious upsides in the overall look it adds to your backyard, but also in the value it adds to your home.

Our artificial grass is also soft and feels like real grass, adding a more natural feel than concrete or cheap-looking, high sheen fake grass. So if you’re looking for high quality artificial grass in Geelong, for a pool area or for your backyard, you need Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns’ cool turf. Contact us today for a free quote.