Synthetic Grass for Geelong Courtyards

Installing artificial grass in a courtyard can change the look of the entire space. Our vibrant, green and lush SYNLawn will brighten up your backyard and can turn a drab and unflattering courtyard into one that you will want to entertain in, or that kids will be eager to get outside and play in.

An advantage of using synthetic grass for courtyards is that it can be installed without the hassle of having to remove the existing surface underneath. This is done through a process that we refer to as a direct stick, which involves applying the synthetic turf directly on top of the foundation surface. We can carry out direct sticks on concrete or paved courtyards, faded timber decks or old concrete surfaces.

By installing synthetic grass in your courtyard you can create a surface that is soft underfoot and usable year round. No longer will you have to worry about slippery and dirty concrete diminishing the look of your garden during winter, or kids falling and injuring themselves on tough surfaces.

The best attribute of our SYNLawn is that your guests will think it’s real grass! They will all be asking you how you manage to keep your grass so green and luscious year round. And you will have the ideal space for outdoor entertaining family and friends.

Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns are the experts in synthetic turf for Geelong homes. We also provide artificial turf for sports fields, basketball courts and swimming pools. If you want us to transform the look and feel of your courtyard then contact our team for a free quote.

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