Artificial grass suppliers for municipal councils

The team at Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns have worked on numerous municipal council projects and have seen first-hand the vibrancy, elegance and neatness added to council exteriors as a result of artificial grass installation by the Geelong experts.

This is important, because not only do councils provide vital services for our communities, they are also seen as representative of the towns they inhabit. So when it comes to looking the part, council buildings give a town an opportunity to make a desirable first impression on out-of-town visitors.

Councils are vital public spaces for our communities and as a result receive a large amount of foot traffic on a daily basis. This foot traffic wears away at natural grass, which eventually becomes patchy, unpleasant and muddy.

During winter months natural grass becomes practically unusable and a nuisance for councils, workers and guests. A key advantage to synthetic grass is that it stays dry year round, especially our SYNLawn. SYNLawn’s advanced drainage means that water won’t puddle on top of the surface, and the grass will stay dry underfoot, regardless of the weather.

It is for this reason that many councils are recognisng the benefits of having artificial grass installed by the Geelong synthetic grass specialists, Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns.

Our SYNLawn is the highest quality commercial artificial grass in Geelong and beyond—as it looks and feels like real grass in its ideal condition. Our grass also maintains its feel and premium finish for years to come, with minimal maintenance needed. So when it comes to ensuring council gardens make visitors feel welcome, synthetic grass is the most effective option.

Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns also provide synthetic grass in Geelong for domestic properties and home owners, specialising in courtyards and rooftops.

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