Artificial Turf for Swimming Pools

Pool areas can get muddy and paving can get hot! Try our exclusive HeatblockTM turf from SYNLawn and enjoy a beautifully landscaped pool all year round.

As well as installing synthetic grass for tennis courts in Geelong, the team at Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns can also install high quality synthetic turf in your yard – specialising in the area surrounding your pool.

When considering a surface material for the yard surrounding your swimming pool, you need to weigh up safety, cost and overall look. So when it comes to ticking all the boxes, no other surface comes close to synthetic grass for pool owners in the Geelong area.

After all, your swimming pool should be the highlight of your backyard, so why would you surface the area surrounding it with concrete or traditional grass and have to contend with grass clippings in your pool, chemical burns to the grass or annoying and unflattering mud patches?

Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns’ vibrant turf adds contrast and a far more aesthetically pleasing appearance to your pool area and backyard than other alternatives, without the downsides. With our turf there’s no slipping risk for children. And having a cushioned surface around the pool’s edge is a generally safer alternative to concrete or other hard surfaces. The drainage feature also means that grass will stay dry.

If you want enliven your pool area with a surface material that maintains a great finish, no matter the amount of foot traffic, chemicals or water that it comes into contact with, then Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns is your go-to. Our artificial grass will make your pool a focal point of your home, giving you various options when it comes to outdoor entertaining or simply playing with the kids.

Our artificial grass is also Geelong’s trusted surface material for basketball courts, cricket pitches and more.

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