Geelong synthetic lawn rooftops

Having installed domestic synthetic grass in Geelong for over fourteen years now, the team at Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns has recognised that rooftops and balconies have become an increasingly popular option for home owners. This is likely to be because they offer an effective all weather alternative to more traditional surfaces, like tiles and concrete.

When you have a balcony you want to be able to use it to entertain friends and family, eat dinner or just relax and enjoy the view. However, this isn’t always possible when the dreary weather hits.

Those of us with balconies are far too familiar with the water that puddles on concrete and tiled surfaces. And with no soil or proper drainage system to soak it up, the water often stays there for hours after the rain has hit.

The best thing about artificial turf is that this is no longer a problem, especially with the turf that Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns installs. Our SYNLawn includes tiny built-in drainage holes that prevents water from sitting on the surface, meaning that after the rain goes away the water does too.

This also makes artificial grass an exceptional surface option for rooftops, as our SYNLawn can protect the surface underneath by assisting your roof’s drainage system. Also, by laying our artificial turf on your Geelong rooftop you will protect the surface, meaning your roof will stay in premium condition for longer – saving you thousands in costly roof repairs down the track.

This is also a fantastic option for businesses, such as restaurants and cafes that want to increase the longevity of their roof, while catching the eye of potential patrons at the same time. We can install artificial grass on rooftops and balconies for all kinds of businesses, having worked on many commercial projects of this kind in the past.

When it comes to fake grass installation in Geelong, nobody does it better than the team at Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns. Our team installs high quality synthetic grass that is made to last and will complement your home or office. We can even install artificial turf at schools and a variety of other commercial applications.

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