Geelong Artificial Grass FAQ

Why is Australian made synthetic grass better?

Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns uses only SYNLawn products produced by APT Asia Pacific in Melbourne. APT is one of the world’s foremost synthetic yarn manufacturers. The yarns are made here and ideally suited to Australian conditions, manufactured with ISO quality assurance and proven by continuous testing going back 25 years.

Does the grass have a warranty?

Yes. All our turf comes with an industry leading Australian Manufacturers Backed Warranty. We take pride in delivering quality systems and stand firmly behind them. Our comprehensive warranty covers every aspect of the turf, from blades to backing.

Does water drain through the grass?

Yes. In fact, SYNLawn systems have specially designed punch-hole system placed consistently throughout the turf to ensure water sheds quickly and efficiently and does not pool on the surface.
Games and practices can often be held during storms or immediately thereafter, without heightened risk of slipping or injury—due to these drainage systems and the fibers’ ability to shed water quickly.

Sub bases upon which SYNLawn systems are installed should be designed to provide superior drainage properties as well. Recommended specifications are available from SYNLawn to help ensure the entire system, sub base to blades of grass, drains appropriately for years to come.

How is the grass priced?

The grass is priced on a per square metre basis which is the width of an area times the length.

How much does a SYNLawn system cost?

We offer a wide range of sport field and landscape systems for all levels of users and budgets. From custom systems and those tested to meet stringent sport governing bodies to more commonly used products, we can accommodate your needs.
With our full-service manufacturing facilities we’re able to leverage the very latest proven technology to produce every single system, quickly and efficiently. So we can deliver better value to every customer in a timely manner.

For a cost estimate, please contact GrassRoots on 0417 225 624 or email [email protected]

Is the grass child and pet-friendly?

Yes. Our grass is made from the highest quality yarns which have no toxic properties. All coatings, backings, glue, etc. that we use in the production process are also non-toxic, suitable for use by children, animals and for the environment.

Why would I choose a synthetic turf rather than natural grass?

Our advanced turf technology is designed to offer playability akin to optimum natural grass year round without the costly maintenance and use limitations. Not to mention the water saving!
At any time you’ll have access to an aesthetically pleasing surface that retains its consistency over years of demanding use. Our systems are designed to deliver traction and shock absorption like the very best grass in whatever weather comes your way!
Imagine all the use you’ll gain with greens available round the clock year round, without the expense and work of manicuring, watering, fertilising and more.

Will the grass fade?

No. We use a proven, technologically advanced UV coating to ensure each blade of grass retains its color for the life of the system. This coating is effective in all climates and is not affected by use.