Artificial lawn for Geelong Nature Strips

For year-round curb appeal, why not get a synthetic lawn nature strip? More and more customers around the Geelong and surf coast region are looking to artificial turf for the front of their homes. That means no more mowing! A lush green lawn frames the house and is an idyllic first impression for your visitors.

Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns has been providing artificial grass for domestic properties in Geelong for more than fourteen years. When looking for domestic synthetic grass in Geelong, the most important qualities of the turf are that it is safe for your family, durable and complements your garden or chosen space.

We pride ourselves on our world-class finish, and always take the time to make sure our turf looks the best it possibly can.

The benefits of artificial grass for your Geelong nature strip

  • It’s always green, lush and frames your house
  • It’s perfect for roadsides where it’s hard to keep a good lawn, like heavily treed or shaded areas
  • No watering or mowing is required, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy
  • Our range of synthetic lawns have been developed to look and feel like real grass
  • All of our turf is completely safe for children, with no harmful chemicals used at any stage in the manufacturing or installation process
  • It’s very low maintenance, which means it always looks great
  • Very durable in high usage areas, it is tougher than grass and does not show wear paths
  • We only use SYNLawn which looks and feels just like natural grass

At Grass Roots we can guarantee that our domestic artificial grass is Geelong’s finest, we even offer a DIY option for residential clients, which could be an option for all of the handy men and women out there.

We also provide artificial turf for a variety of surfaces including rooftops, basketball courts and we can even install backyard putting greens. Contact us to find out more about how we can help transform your backyard or courtyard into a space with luscious green grass year round.

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