Synthetic grass for Geelong schools

All schools recognise the importance of providing sports and recreation areas where students can enjoy developing their physical abilities. Which is why Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns is committed to installing artificial grass for Geelong schools so that they can enjoy physical activities year round.

A common problem many schools face is that they’re stuck with bare, bumpy ovals that are rock-hard in summer and virtually unusable ‘mudbaths’ in winter. Or they can go with the traditional alternative of asphalt surfaces that take skin off knees and the fun out of play, and space constraints that simply limit the scope of the activities they’re able to offer. This is simply not a factor when it comes to synthetic turf.

Grass Roots lay premium artificial sports turf for Geelong schools that allow kids to play during all seasons in optimal conditions. No longer will kids have to be kept inside for PE or lunchtime because the schools sport facilities are unusable. Our premium synthetic sports surfaces allow schools to organize more exciting activities for their students—and our pristine surfaces will have kids jumping at the chance to get outside and get active.

Our SYNLawn products include a comprehensive range of synthetic turf surfaces manufactured in Melbourne to meet standards recognised for optimum performance and enjoyment, as well as being built to protect the participants. Our turf is soft underfoot and feels just like the real thing, meaning that you’ll worry less about injuries and more about how you’re going to contain all the activities you have planned to one class.

Another reason for schools to invest in artificial turf is the savings in both time and money from maintenance of grass surfaces. With no mowing or watering required schools are able to save money and be environmentally friendly at the same time. For us the choice is obvious.

If you’re looking for more information or wanting to discuss a project at your school, contact the team at Grass Roots for a free quote. We are also premier commercial artificial grass suppliers for kindergartens and early learning centres and synthetic grass basketball courts in Geelong.

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