Geelong Commercial Artificial Grass

  • Australian regulation shock pads for play and gym areas
  • Looks professionally manicured all year
  • Australian manufacturer backed warranty
  • Less shine, softer touch
  • Rain drains right through

At Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns we use quality SYNLawn for our Geelong commercial synthetic grass projects. Our team have noted that in recent years there has been a dramatic growth in the popularity of artificial turf, particularly for commercial applications. A couple of the benefits that are driving artificial grass’ popularity in commercial settings include:

  • It’s always green and lush – presents your business premises in a professional manner
  • No watering or mowing, so there is minimal maintenance costs
  • Ideal for landscaping applications, more flexible and less costs involved than traditional methods
  • Our range of synthetic lawns has been developed specifically to look natural
  • Low maintenance, so it always looks great
  • Durable in high usage areas so no obvious wear paths, because it’s tougher than grass

When it comes to artificial grass in high traffic areas, it’s crucial that the turf being used is of the highest quality. So it’s no surprise that our synthetic grass is a Geelong school’s go-to option when it comes to finding a surface that is built to last and will have students eager to get outside and participate in physical activities.

Our fake grass has also proven to be a hit with kindergartens as it is also soft underfoot and doesn’t give users turf burn like many other artificial surfaces, making it the ideal foundation for a playground.

The last thing any business owner or council needs is artificial turf that fades or looks overtly artificial. The pleasing thing about the SYNLawn range is that it looks and feels so much like natural grass, with a lush green colour that lasts for years.

Over the years the team at Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns have completed many council projects, with our synthetic turf offering Geelong councils the opportunity to rejuvenate their buildings’ facades and create a welcoming space for visitors.

If you’re looking for a commercial synthetic grass supplier in Geelong, then Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns has the products and the know-how to complete your project on time and within budget. Contact our team for a free measure and quote.

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