Our synthetic turf is the pet friendly option in Leopold

Many people don’t realise before they get a pet, especially a dog, just how much of an impact they can have on your lawn. Your dogs can run havoc on your lawn, making it an unattractive and unmaintainable mess, that is no longer suitable for your children or dogs to play on.

Although, a recent project that we completed proves that you can have lush-looking grass and a place for your pet to play at the same time. After installing our domestic synthetic turf at a Leopold property, their front yard was completely transformed and the dog didn’t want to get off its soft new playing area!

As you would know, being the owner of a four legged friend you are continually having to deal with issues such as urine burns, hole digging, grass allergies, and dirt tracks due to running back and forth in the same area.

But converting the old worn out natural turf to our pet friendly synthetic grass will solve your problems, as urine has no effect on it, its extremely difficult to dig holes in, it’s allergy free and doesn’t leave worn out tracks or unattractive dirt patches.

Every day more and more pet owners are realising the massive benefits of converting to synthetic turf for both themselves and their dogs. No longer do they have to carry out tedious maintenance tasks or invest in expensive and often harmful chemicals to try and bring their grass back to life.

Once installed our synthetic grass requires very little maintenance and is built to last, meaning you don’t have to worry about spending more money down the track.

If you’re looking for a lawn alternative that is suitable for pets and looks fantastic like this synthetic turf in Leopold, then you need Grass Roots. Contact us today for a free quote.