Winter Geelong Synthetic Lawn Projects

As the end of the financial year approaches, new Geelong subdivisions and housing estates keep us busy as new home buyers forego a mud-bath backyard for an instant lush green domestic synthetic grass.

The last few months have been flat chat as we try to keep up with orders and installations in wintery outdoor conditions. Our most challenging days saw us completely soaked through as we battled against hammering rain to get grass laid for our clients on time.

Muddy conditions sometimes mean bogged machinery and time lost yet we’re proud to say we’ve maintained excellent customer satisfaction and have received some fantastic reviews despite these testing days. Write a review here.

A major highlight this year was a beautiful Lorne fake grass roof top with not a splatter of mud in sight. The installation comprised a direct stick to concrete with no excavation required and the end result is obvious. A stunning roof garden with ripping ocean views. I love my job on days like this.

Rooftop in Lorne

Equally satisfying, we installed just 10 square metres for a lovely lady at one of the retirement centres we look after. A small job for us but a big deal for her and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing that broad smile of appreciation for a job like this.

From small jobs to big jobs and probably our biggest this year was the fake grass installation of five caravan bays in Torquay. We were again smashed with the weather and drenched to the bone. We chewed through over 50 tonnes of rock in the base prep and still managed to complete the job on target.

Torquay Caravanpark3 Torquay Caravanpark4

As the premier fake lawn suppliers in Geelong, we are proud to say all our products are made in Melbourne. From pet friendly artificial grass products to state of the art backing and drainage, every synthetic turf comes with our Australian manufacturer backed warranty. Contact us for a free no obligation quote. If you’ve used us before, please feel free to write a Google review.

Hope you keep safe and warm for the remainder of winter.

Regards, Chris and the team.