Supercharge Your Garden’s Sustainability with synthetic grass

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Colour your backyard happy

Give away the lawn mower, weed killers and chemical fertilisers that promote growth. Forget the sprinkler. Instead, plant natives shrubs, trees and flowers and keep your carbon footprint firmly on the lowdown. You’ll be surprised at the amount of colour you can create in a native garden. From a perennial green synthetic grass to white correa, purple hop bush and blue devil shrubs, there’s no excuse for no colour and you’re respecting the environment to boot.

Aussie Aussie Aussie

A thoroughly Australian garden should be accompanied by a truly Australian lawn, and Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns offers exactly that. Using only Melbourne made Synlawn synthetic grasses that are manufactured under an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Grass Roots will transform your yard from a high energy plot to a garden that gives back.

Time for family and friends

Synlawn artificial turfs supplied and installed by Geelong’s Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns is your ticket to a fantastic weekend. That’s right. Get your weekends back. With such a great looking low maintenance yard, you’ll be relaxing with family and friends more often and with more money to spend on beer or pinot gris; whatever you fancy!

Beware of imitations

As for any growing industry, there are a plethora of products out there – and let’s face it consumers want choice. If you live in the Geelong and surf coast region and you’re thinking of using a supplier other than Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns, ask them these six simple questions for which the answers should all be, “Of course!”:

  1. Are your grasses manufactured in Australia?
  2. Does your company offer grasses with HeatBlockTM cooling technology?
  3. Are your artificial grass products the most technologically advanced grasses produced?
  4. Do your grasses offer an Australian manufacturer backed warranty?
  5. Do your grasses keep their colour even when tortured by years of Aussie sun?
  6. Are your grasses pet friendly?

And, for many, the most important query of all: “Can I afford it?” Surprisingly, our premium product is less expensive that you might think! Call Grass Roots for a no obligation quote on 0417 225 624.

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