5 things you need to know about Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns

Here’s a list of our frequently asked questions that will not only make your decision to get on board the synthetic grass train easier, but will enhance your understanding on Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns. From discovering why Australian made synthetic grass is better, to whether the grass child and pet-friendly, we guarantee you will come out the other side feeling glad you took the time to read ahead.


Why is Australian made synthetic grass better?


Grass Roots Synthetic Lawns uses only SYNLawn products produced by APT Asia Pacific in Melbourne. Weather in Australia is unpredictable, luckily for us the yarns are made right here in Australia and are therefore ideally suited to Australian conditions.


Does water drain through the grass?


It sure does! The SYNLawn systems have a specifically designed punch-hole system placed consistently throughout the turf to ensure water sheds quickly and efficiently preventing it from pooling on the surface. This is ideal for sporting fields and landscape systems reducing the risk of slipping or injury! No need to worry about cancelled games, we have your back!


Does the grass have a warranty?


Yes but only in the unlikely event you will need it! All our turf comes with an industry leading Australian Manufacturers Backed Warranty. We take great pride in our quality systems and stand behind them 100%. Our comprehensive warranty covers every aspect of the turf.


Is the grass child and pet-friendly?


There are no toxic properties in the yarns, coatings, backings and glues, making our synthetic turf the environmentally friendly option for your gardens and recreational spaces. Our signature soft-fall preparation, ensures the kids can land as safely as possible. AND our new pet turf is about to be released. Just wait for it!! Winning all ‘round!


Will the grass fade?


No, it won’t! Which is ideal for when the Australian summer rolls around and you need the perfect setting for back yard cricket. We use a proven, technologically advanced UV coating to ensure each blade of grass retains its colour and remains unaffected by use.